health & wellbeing, environment, creativity, community, resiliency, equality & profit


“To make a real environmental difference, to create spaces that inspire change, reduce footprint, and to improve the resiliency and well-being of communities. To do all this while making a profit and growing capacity.”

Our prior work includes: parks & protected areas planning, agriculture, food security, wind farm visualization, emergency preparedness, community design, trail planning, lands negotiation, conservation, public works, public transit, active transportation, traditional land use & occupancy studies, archaeology, academic teaching & research, remote sensing, habitat modelling, floodplain analysis, community engagement, climate analysis, green roof & rooftop design, green infrastructure

Service areas: land-use planning, GIS, cartography, landscape visualization, landscape design, green infrastructure, 3D models, site planning

Land Active is owned & operated by Bryan McPherson in Guelph, ON, Canada. Bryan has over 20 years experience in GIS, land use planning and landscape visualization, and 8 years post secondary education in GIS, landscape architecture & environmental science. The business is solely operated, but we often collaborate with other industry professionals on projects.