See below for our service offerings. We are currently accepting projects for 2020.

Landscape Design

Land Active helps you to activate your landscape & garden projects. We work with you to conduct site assessments, evaluate landscape design goals and develop a design plan for your garden needs. Our process is to develop a landscape vision and work within your budget and timeline to complete the project. Contact us to book at site assessment or start on a design plan for your home or business.

Landscape Visualization

At Land Active we take pleasure in constructing 3D landscape models for our clients. Creating these models blurs the line between work, fun and art. The process can be convoluted, but once finished they can be used as display pieces in office settings.

Physical 3D models are a great tool for clients to use for land use planning, architecture, visual impact assessment, and economic development visioning. Contact us to discuss how your next project could benefit by the creation of a landscape model.

Geographic Information Systems

We offer expert level services in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – including field inventory, geospatial data development, database services, analysis and cartographic output. Having worked in the industry since 1997 we can assure you that we know the nuts & bolts of GIS.

Land Active offers a variety of services in GIS. We work with a variety of platforms and can work onsite or remotely to accommodate your project needs. We also provide customized GIS training with data & platform of your choice. Contact us to discuss how your next project could benefit by implementing a GIS.